Dejan Krsmanović is a composer, guitarist and music producer from Serbia. So far, he has released eleven albums, five of which are dedicated to Balkan Gyspy Jazz. In his music, you can hear elements of Balkan traditional music and Balkan folk twisted into the form of Gypsy Jazz. Virtuosic but melodic playing of acoustic guitar, accordion and violin with clear rhythm on double bass and rhythm guitar can be heard on his releases.

He performs at gypsy jazz and world music festivals and various venues throughout Europe. Along with his trio, consisting of Tomislav Vujnović on rhythm guitar and Andrija Vojvodić on double bass, Dejan collaborates with Jordan Đević on accordion and Nikola Miloradović on clarinet and sax.

He achieved a successful collaboration with Aurore Voilqué, an excellent musician of emotional and inspired playing, a French jazz violinist who has so far collaborated with Angelo Debarre, Roby Lakatos and many other famous gypsy jazz musicians. Together they performed at the prestigious Django Reinhardt Festival in Fontainebleau and immediately after at the beautiful Au Gres du Jazz festival in La Petite Pierre in France in 2023. This collaboration will continue, and the plan is to release an album “Live from Au Gres du Jazz festival 2023”, followed by a tour in France in 2024.