Dejan Krsmanović was born on March 19, 1974 in Belgrade. He graduated from a music school in Čačak, where he has continued to reside and work. After completing high school, Dejan was accepted into the Berklee Jazz Faculty in Boston. However, due to the unfavorable circumstances in Serbia caused by the embargo, he was unable to pursue his studies there. In the subsequent years, he focused on composing and producing music for radio and TV commercials for various media companies and businesses in Serbia.

Since 2010, Dejan has been involved in music in two different areas. Firstly, he composes for his orchestra in the Balkan Gypsy Jazz genre, having released five albums to date. Secondly, he composes and produces music for media and production music, with six albums released thus far. Additionally, he regularly performs at numerous jazz and world music festivals in both Serbia and the surrounding region. 

His first album, titled “You know what!?“, was published in 2012. Dejan achieved a successful collaboration with the renowned producer and guitarist Jon Larsen from Norway. Larsen released Dejan’s composition, “Maro, Maro,” on an anthology compilation dedicated to Django Reinhardt, featuring other globally recognized names in this style of jazz. Dejan’s second album, “Komedija” was released in 2019, in collaboration with accordion virtuoso Jordan Đević. 

In August 2020, the Dejan Krsmanović Trio performed at the Nishville Jazz Fest in Niš, and in 2021 Dejan released two new albums: “Ja sam!” and “Repertoar“. These albums showcase new original music as well as his own arrangements of well-known jazz standards.

In January 2022, Dejan represented Serbian culture by performing at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. In August 2022, he performed with his quartet at Django Feszt Budapest, sharing the stage with artists such as Roby Lakatos, Aurore Voilqué, and Angelo Debarre. The year 2023 has been particularly successful for Dejan. He received two invitations to perform at the world-renowned Django Reinhardt Festival Fontainebleau and the Au Gres du Jazz Festival and to participate within the artistic residency framework at La Petite Pierre, France. 

Additionally, Dejan released a new album in 2023, titled “Kompilacija“.